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Exclusively C-suite

We connect corporate executives globally, from all industries, to empower innovative entrepreneurship with high growth potential.

The ONLY COLLECTIVE which harnesses the career successes, industry expertise and strong networks of executives diversely to INVEST in and BOARD viable startups with traction to scale.

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Strength in diversity

The diversity of the profiles of our C-suite executive members and angel investors  brings immense value to engaging and scaling startups. 75% of our members are based in Singapore. We aim to build stronger local chapters in select cities to enrich more networking and peer interests.


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Empowering C-level peer learning

You are not alone in this journey. Our program is designed to cater to time-strapped executives. The choices are plenty. We provide a safe space for C-sharks to network in person, to invest together through our flagship program C-shark Tank and/or access insightful content in person or online around 3 key pillars of focus, namely INVESTMENT | INNOVATION | SUSTAINABILITY .

Mid-life Opportunity

It is not about staying safe at status quo. It’s about entering a phase of getting out of your comfort zone, giving back and adding value at scale.


Do not be left behind. Stay on the cutting edge of what next. Executives who are curious and stay abreast innovation will add value to what they can bring to their day job. We expose executives in engaging, interactive way to diverse sectors beyond their own vertical and functional expertise.


We call on experts to dive into the sustainability and impact space beyond what you can read in the media – behind the scene insights that are shared within closed doors. Know how we can take action as corporate leaders and drive change. Know what actions are impacting our world at scale around the globe.


Having skin in the game accentuates the way you learn. Beyond participating in C-shark Tank as an angel investor, we learn from venture capitalists,  alternatives investments movers and shakers while keeping abreast emerging investment trends.

Join us at our next Chief Executive Luncheon July 21 in Singapore.

Flagship programs


“Celebrating women in strength.” 24 corporate women came out to share their stories and the impact it made on their lives. More than 150 women and a few men attended the event at Philips APAC center last Nov. 24. 

C-shark Tank

We make it more hassle free and engaging for time-starved executives to get on board angel investing. Hosting it as a group heightens the peer learning and creates stronger bonds than ordinary networking. A lot of groundwork from curation to evaluation reports and the heavy lifting on due diligence are on us. Executives show up well prepared to interact with the startups with LIVE pitch and Q & A.

Every quarter, startups pitch in an intensive program to C-suite executives who commit cash upfront, not knowing who is coming to pitch.

"To win in the 21st century,
you must empower others"

Jack Ma, Alibaba

The story behind she1K.

I want to be in the right company.

We are just a phone call away to understand more of what you are looking for and how you could gain value from being in a highly vested peer network.