Where corporate women executives
meet startups

By women with the power to impact

she1K connects corporate exec women worldwide, from all industries, to empower innovative entrepreneurship with high growth potential.

The ONLY COLLECTIVE which harnesses the career successes, industry expertise and strong networks of executive women to INVEST in and BOARD viable startups with traction to scale.

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Invest to empower

As a one-of-its-kind Corporate Angel Network, we have strength in numbers and track record.

This gives us power to leverage partnerships and corporate patrons to accelerate our collective purpose of furthering entrepreneurship at scale.

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there is so much room to increase the percentage of female directors.

How you can empower

Contribute US$1000-2000 to a pool to fund startups. Optionally angel invest directly.

Join the board of a startup. Champion a startup and founder.

Participate in our flagship events and other C-suite workshops.

Evaluate startups through video pitches, private pitch calls and deep dive sessions.

be involved as much or as little as you can

How we support


  • We perform the due diligence through a council comprising of vertical and ecosystem experts.
  • We handle all liaison. No third party contact without your approval.
  • We notify/invite/alert only what you opted in for. You may modify your opt-ins anytime.

How we scale

Scout globally for corporate women executives and angel investors.

Work with established govt bodies, global accelerators, angel funds, VCs and pitch challenges which have qualified startups.

Structure startup private pitch, deep dive and due diligence for investment purpose.

*investments are not limited to startups with women founders

Give back. Give forward.

Champion Startups

Corporate women are more than mentors. They can help to provide  indepth industry and market insights to validate product/market fit of startups.

Fund Startups

Our collective pool invests in early-stage startups who have a team, some initial revenue, and traction. she1K syndicates members, external angels, and funds to help shortlisted startups raise funds.

Give Feedback

Corporate women have experience and expertise. They can give feedback to startups on their video and private pitches and deep dive sessions — that are exclusive to only members.

Expand Access

she1K partners with government bodies, global challenges, accelerators, and VCs to ensure viable startups could maintain their runway.

Women on board

We will match the right woman executive from our vast network to strengthen your board. We will also align causes of the startups with that of our network members.

By women with the power to impact

Beyond mentorship, corporate women
can invest in and serve on board of
scaleable startups.

Featured investors

Up your game at angel investing.

Featured events


“Celebrating women in strength.” 24 corporate women came out to share their stories and the impact it made on their lives. More than 150 women and a few men attended the event at Philips APAC center last Nov. 24. 

Angel Investing: Why What How

“Our aim is to get more females to up the game of angel investing and also to share insights as to how corporate men and women could brace their career with angel investing to stay at the edge of innovation and at the same time potentially multiply their personal wealth in magnitudes not possible before. “

We have invited startup founders who begun their journey with the help of angels. Their experience can help other startups find their way in the amazing eco-system of funding, turning ideas into reality. 

"To win in the 21st century,
you must empower others"

Jack Ma, Alibaba

The story behind she1K.