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Get selected to join our accelerator program of C-shark Tank Season 6 by a syndicate of C-suite executives of global MNCs from diverse sectors. If you are an early to pre-series A startup, seeking a targeted, tailored support to dive deep into your value proposition, resource planning, go-to-market, product & tech roadmap and more, sign up now before December 15th 2021. We will pick 5 startups by January 2022 who will receive at least S$100,000* funding and join our 2 months acceleration program from March 2022 and after which a further top up of investments up to $400,000**.

During acceleration, not only will you get more face time with our growing community of more than 100 C-sharks, you will also pitch to our network of more than 100 VCs who have helped us jury in one or more of our past C-shark Tank seasons.

Through a proven tested formula, C-sharks and a pool of angels top up in addition to our base commitment. Last season, we raised close to $1 mil to fund 4 startups of varying sums.

At the get-go, we agree on where you stand in these development areas and where you need most help at. Not only will you gain access to more relevant opportunities to build your sales funnel, you find yourself backed by an extended team with focused expertise.

*disbursed in 2 tranches of S$50,000    **does not include sum raised trough our referrals

Who we are looking for

We understand that no 2 accelerators are the same. It is important that you get value out of a program that can take you to the next level.

So here are some tips to guide you in considering if you could be a good fit to our network.

  • Our geographic coverage is South East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea Europe, USA.
  • You must have a working MVP with good customer validation proof.
  • We expect some revenue generated which could include paid pilots.
  • Intellectual property and/or founders with relevant sector experience is a big plus.
  • We are gender and sector agnostic. We accelerate B2B and B2C differently.

How we do it

Ask anyone who have been to any part of our program and they will confirm it’s a productive experience.

Closed door intimacy

All our sessions are closed door so only relevant people are in the room. C-sharks are C-suite executives from global MNCs from diverse sectors who have worked in various regions.

All our sessions are interactive, not pre-recorded. We allow for ample time for VCs and C-sharks to personally engage you.

Deep Dive & Evaluation report

Some might say this is our crown jewel. We deep dive and work alongside you helping you think through your go-to-market strategy, business model and financial projections, just to name a few.

The evaluation report (accessible only by C-sharks) has equipped C-sharks to ask targeted, helpful questions to better assess your investability. Cluster dating in smaller groups with about 40 C-sharks each season has heightened the insights of the participating startups, unparalleled by other programs.

Top Up

C-sharks commit cash upfront without knowing who is coming to pitch. Once the final 5 startups have been picked, we open the room to other angel investors to top up as C-sharks top up as well.


We are highly effective and time efficient in the way we pace our process, giving ample time where it matters and not overwhelming founders with blanket sessions or irrelevant connections. Because of our track record, VCs, mentors and C-sharks take our connections seriously. We save you time in knocking on doors that might not easily open.

Our network


Our investors are C-suite executives, a.k.a. C-sharks, with global and/or regional market coverage driving one or more of these global brands.


Partners supporting our mission to empower startups alongside the C-sharks in our flagship program. 


VC partners from the following companies have been our jury for one or more seasons of C-shark Tank. 


Over the past 5 seasons of C-shark Tank, we have established a growing pool of angel investors who are not C-sharks joining us in our TOP UP investment option because they like the way we curate our selection of startups.


Be it vertical or functional, we have the support of subject matter experts who have been there and done that either in large corporations or successful scale-ups

Our track record

Through our flagship program C-shark Tank we have raised around $4 million in support of 20 startups in the last 18 months.

We set ourselves apart with our upfront close & personal approach. All our sessions are interactive and effective, unleashing substantial peer learning and purposeful connections follow-up.

Here's what startups from past seasons have to say

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