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July / August

All events are in evenings from 6:30pm

Do you want to keep abreast of the latest innovation outside your radar? 

Do you want to empower younger entrepreneurs?

Do you want to give back using the valuable insights + experience + connections you’ve gained over the years?

 If it’s “Yes!“, the WHERE CORPORATE EXECS MEET ANGELS minglers event is for you.
Network with corporate execs and explore what it’s like to be an angel investor in today’s startup world. Come watch angels and VCs in action as they share their market observations and experiences. Get a headstart on the incredible journey of angel investing.
she1K is a network that helps corporate execs of more than 15 years of industry experience in large multinationals to champion, fund, and board* startups.
We apologise that not all requests will guarantee an invitation.
*Only female C-level executive members with more than 20 years experience will be invited to board.

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