C-shark Tank Season 6

C-shark Tank works! You told us season after season how enriching and engaging it has been and how each season surpasses the previous season. BUT it has been a sprint. NOW we are ready for a marathon. How do we collectively take our venture to the next level and double our community of C-suite executives?

Learning from past 5 seasons, we see that early stage startups need more focused nurturing than they think they needed. And now we have a bigger network than before to tap on to help them in a more structured, yet tailored manner.

The core program flow at the C-shark stage is mostly the same as previous seasons ie. there is stage 1 : Pitch and stage 2 : Cluster Date. But we will have multiple waves of shorter PITCH sessions of <2 hours engaging with fewer startups (3 to 4) per session. We have also added more options to book CLUSTER DATING with the startups to flexibly accomodate your schedule.  Instead of picking Top 3 from a finite set of startups, we will hear 3 or 4 startups pitch each month. If sufficient C-sharks POOL their investment to exceed $100,000 as the minimum threshold, we will process the investment.

Opportunity to TOP UP (optionally) remains at the end of the 8 week acceleration where funded startups will update their learning and action plan.  All sessions are interactive, closed-door and recorded. If you have missed a session, it is seamless to catch up.


Having enough skin in the game in each startup motivates a deeper involvement with the startup and its team. 

We invite Seasoned C-sharks to hard commit S$20,000 in Season 6, allocating a minimum funding of S$10,000 per chosen startup. You can apply the balance to another startup or as top up after acceleration update.

We aim to fund a minimum of 2 startups in Season 6 but with the new model it opens up possibilities for more if more startups achieve the threshold $100,000 pooled by sufficient C-shark interest. You get to pick directly where you would want to place your bets. Seasoned C-sharks will be included in further group discussions additionally.



The 8 week program will be supported by a highly curated team of domain experts, functional advisors and experienced entrepreneurs who have been there and done that. Seasoned C-sharks can book additional face time with the startups optionally during this period.