Get your toes wet

Dabble in Angel Investing

Who says angel investing is only for millionaires and men? 

Launching DABBLE for young and seasoned professionals who would like to expand beyond their verticals, their comfort zone and simply want to get their toes wet into the world of angel investing.

Doing it alone could be daunting so why not be part of a forward thinking group to learn by doing and learn together through companion-style of evaluating and funding startups.


The startup world is fascinating. Stimulate your mind as you listen to pitches with a group of professionals.

Learn from each other’s questions and engage the startup founder interactively.

Discuss as a group. she1K will guide you with further findings and analysis.

Each person indicates their dabble $ commitment and she1K syndicates the pool so that the startup deals with us as one entity.

she1K will keep you updated on the startup’s development and will advise when it is time to exit a startup.

Angel investing is risky and there is no guaranteed return. But it is certainly rewarding to be part of an innovation and/or support a founder you believe in, just with a DABBLE.

DABBLE is a she1K Club initiative.

August 27, 2020
7:00 – 8:30 PM SGT