Everyone has stories but not everyone knows how to tell them. We have ran 4 TELL STORIES BETTER workshops this year. Inspired by seeing the impact that our invited speakers at WomenChangemakers has on the audience as they share their personal stories. Consistently participants of our workshops started with saying they do not have stories to tell or lack the confidence to tell them. By the end of the workshop, they get a lot more comfortable with telling their stories which they crafted the same day. We also plan alumni get-together for more practice and further extensions of storytelling. eg. we did one on storytelling on Instagram and Linkedin.

Tickets to Tell Stories #5 Singapore is now available.

Whether you’re going for an interview, presenting your business, pitching for investments, or building more connections at a networking event, you’ll notice:

Storytelling is an essential skill you need to get ahead in life.

We tell stories every day, but consider this: How many of us create a lasting impression? How many of us can retain the attention of the people we’re conversing with?

Influence + inspire through storytelling


Morning – CREATE

Design your blueprint
Craft your story
Find your cool factor
Personal Positioning
Elevator Pitch

Afternoon – TELL

Articulation and reframing
Rapport and empathy
Confidence and small talk
VIDEO practice
Group feedback


Hands – on exercises make you think, create, deliver
Peer observation / feedback and my instant feedback
Handling a crowd
Video to see yourself

Tell Stories Better #5

Date: October 5, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM  – 5:30 PM
Venue: Riverside Point, Clark Quay, Singapore

Tell Stories Better is free for she1K Club members. Curious about what she1K Club is? Read more about it here.

What is it for?

Tell Stories Better is a workshop that inspires the individual to create and tell his or her story, to emotionally connect with
his/her audience and inspire them to take action. It is to discover the power of storytelling to build more lasting relationships. It is NOT a sales training workshop.

Why is it important?


Effective storytelling makes a strong impression, whether it’s pitching about a product or building trust.

What people are saying?

It was a great idea to do an all-women session. It helps to create a more comfortable environment to share & learn. Great networking opportunity too.
Shan Tay
So many ah-ha moments today! I know why storytelling was not working so well so far. It's because my "why" was not clear enough.
Stephanie Naudo
Marketing by design
I really enjoyed your workshop! It came at a good time in my life, and it's inspiring to learn that no matter where we are, we can still improve our storytelling skills by leaps and bounds.
Petrina Sim
Storytelling is not so difficult after this workshop. Most value for money! Highly recommended.
Jamie Tay

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Tell Stories Better #5 Singapore