Frequently Asked


Here are the questions we frequently received. If you do not see your question or the relevant response to your enquiry, email us at vip@she1K.com.


For Members

If you’re joining as a corporate woman, we have 2 tiers of membership: Professional and Executive.

The minimum requirement for Professional membership is 15 years of corporate experience with a fair level of industry consistency with established companies and brands (and not SMEs).

The minimum requirement for Executive membership is 20 years of corporate experience and with credentials in regional function and/or  country leadership roles in well-known companies and brands.

If you have the relevant track record, apply at she1K.com/VIP-invite. For further information on what the membership entails, visit she1K.com/VIP.

If you are joining as an angel investor, apply at she1K.com/angel-invite . We welcome both male and female angel investors.

Our series of WomenChangemakers events are open to all both men and women. However, the rest of our events are by invitation and extended only to our she1K members.

You can choose however you want to give back to the community. You can contribute US$1000 valid for 1 year or US$2000 valid for 4 years. 90 % of your contribution will be pooled together with other members’ contribution and will be used to invest in startups. 10%  of your contribution will go to program management expense. 

(Effective for all contributions received from June 1, 2019.)

Your contribution will be pooled together with other members’ contribution to invest in startups with a percentage allocated to any legal or audit costs in the setup and admin of the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) created to invest in that said startup(s). (If applicable)

Your contribution will give you access to opportunities to invest, sit on boards, network, and attend workshops and events that enhance knowledge and connections.

Your contribution is pooled, therefore there is no direct return to any individual. Any gains from potential startup exits will go back into the pool to support more startups.

However, you have the option to angel invest directly into a startup. she1K will still review and facilitate all arrangements she1K do not charge any fees or commissions for this service.

Our aim is to empower corporate women to make informed decisions and invest in and champion startups as well as tap on the network to syndicate an investment with other she1K members or with our affiliate angels networks around the world or other private investors.

This is one of the key reasons for starting she1K our members can group together and invest directly in the startup. she1K facilitates this by showcasing startups to our members and rallying syndication. A member could also nominate a startup for us to review and potentially seek a few members to band together.

All members will receive a she1K Plus access. With this, you’ll be able to connect and network with other she1K members.

We welcome partnerships in various forms. If you’re an accelerator, we invite your startups to send us their pitch. If you’re a fund, we’d like for you to consider us as your syndicate partner. If you’re an angel investor or you offer grants, we’d be happy to join forces and enlarge investment support for startups. In addition we are looking for corporate sponsors for our program running as well as for our flagship events.

she1K is currently for corporate women with more than 15 years of experience in established brands and companies. However, if you’re a male angel investor or aspiring to be one, you’re welcomed to apply at she1K.com/angel-invite

An SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) is set up if the startups prefer the agreement to be made as a single entity. Otherwise, she1K and/or each participating member may execute a direct agreement with the startup. 

From Investopedia

A special purpose vehicle/entity is a “bankruptcy-remote entity” that a parent company uses to isolate or securitize assets and it often holds these off-balance sheet. Some also call this a “bankruptcy-remote entity” or “variable interest entities” since its operations are limited to the acquisition and financing of specific assets as a method of isolating risk.

For Startups

Startups are welcomed to pitch to us if they are looking for funding and/or women executives to sit on their board. Submit your video pitch at she1K.com/pitch .

Startups wanting to contact she1K members will have to email us at startups@she1K.com.

Note that only qualified requests will be forwarded with the consent of the members.

Send us a video pitch at she1K.com/pitch. We generally do not meet or call startups until we have received a video pitch and have it featured on our website. As she1K is launched recently, the process may take 2 to 3 months.

We’re also running Zoom calls and hosting “Shark Tank” like events in various cities. Sign up and get notified of our latest events and programs.

We invest in both male and female-led startups. If you have a great team and your idea is solid and scalable, you can apply for funding.

At this moment, we’re only supporting early-stage startups. However, if you’re looking for a corporate executive woman to sit on your board, we’d love to help. We may also help you with connections and partnerships, subject to reviewing your deck.

Email us at startups@she1k.com if this is you.

Unless you have made a significant pivot, we would not be considering your submission again.

she1K facilitates the matching and both the startup and she1K member gets to “interview” each other to explore the rightful fit. she1K will help to come up with a couple of choices based on criteria provided by startups.

she1K does not incubate or accelerate. We will be happy to recommend our partner accelerators. However as angel investors, we will have a vested interest to be available and champion your growth.

she1K takes a 1% sweat equity for every startup that we invest in using funds from the pool. The 1% equity will then be contributed back to the pool for future startups.