Empower innovation.
Invest in the next generation.

Joining forces with other corporate executives brings you more collective power and synergy to empower and fund startups. she1K is the first and only collective that harnesses the experience and connections of female executives for the sole purpose to fund and board startups. We enrol male executives and angel investors as well.

she1K designs a unique angel program with the busy senior executives in mind. You can be involved as much or as little in the entire deal flow process.

Do not angel invest on your own. Leverage the economies of a syndicate. We envision a global network of a 1000 executives to join us in a journey to #giveback to empower the future of change.

“You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to own a business.”

Let the next generation run the business and find the talent they will better understand than us. Fund, advise on boards and open your network of connections to them to help scale their business.

“You don't have to be a millionaire to begin angel investing.”

We enable the lowest barrier to entry on minimum investment size and fees to help you build a cool, diversified portfolio. There is no pressure to invest at any time. But some skin in the game maximizes engagement and learning.

How can you get involved?

Private Pitch

Every two months, we invite 10 startups to pitch to our members. Members meet onsite or via zoom*.

Unlike other angel networks, we coordinate and consolidate all prep and follow up, making it more efficient for both potential investors and startups in a deal flow.

Everyone who has attended is fascinated by the spread of ideas pitched and, even more so, the shared learning from corporate peers, angel investors and VCs.

*recordings are available to those who can’t be present

Deep Dive

Two or three startups are shortlisted for DeepDive per investment cycle, which typically lasts for 2 hours. We prioritise members who are subject matter experts relevant to sectors of shortlisted startups to participate in the validation DeepDive. Subsequently, we conduct further due diligence* and a report is shared with all members. If the report is positive, we proceed with an investment DeepDive with the startup founders.

*We consult with VCs, experts external to our network as and when necessary.

Network and Learn

Every part of our program is designed to maximize learning opportunities for our members with regards to startups involvement and angel investing.

We organize executive lunches, workshops and partnerships with other players in the startup eco-system to promote more experience and connections sharing.

Advise and Mentor

We match 2 to 3 advisors per startup we invest in as well as non-portfolio startups in exchange with sweat equity or at a nominal fee or in kind.

On  20 February 2020, close to 30 corporate executives can be a “shark” for a day, engaging with 12-15 startups who will get a chance to pitch (“shark-tank” style) and speed-date executives. Top 3 startups will receive funding. 

How does an investment cycle look like?

What does it cost me to join?



C-suite in large corporates; >20 years industry experience
VPs, Directors preferably with regional responsibilities in large corporates; >15 years industry experience
Male or female; entrepreneur, investor, younger professionals
Companies or individuals who want to contribute and sponsor their execs
One time Joining Fees

Effective Sept 2019 1 US$ = S$1370

Annual membership

2019/20 waived

Premium : US$2000 (till 2023)
2019/2020 waived

Premium : US$2000 (till 2023)
US$500 annually

(2019 /2020 waived)
Not Applicable
Deal fee

(does not include SPV* setup cost)

*A SPV costs S$1200/year to set up and maintain. Each deal will divide the SPV costs according to number of investors subscribing to that deal.

US$200 per deal. 

Deal fee waived for premium members.

US$200 per
deal.  Deal fee waived for premium members.

US$200 per deal.

Not Applicable

Board Participation


Ways to get involved

Ways to get involved
Private Pitch

Pre-DeepDive / DeepDive

AngelInvest (min S$10K)

Quarterly C-suite executive lunch

Corporate executive private workshops

“Shark Tank” 2020

Special partner program eg. Antler

Mentor she1K club

#womeninmarketing #womenintech

All members can opt to be active, passive and/or anonymous. There is no judgment if members invest or not but are highly encouraged to engage with startups through our program.


An annual membership fee is chargeable for facilitating deals from start to end and organising all necessary to facilitate networking and learning for all members. Both professional and executive membership pay the same fees but only executive members are recommended for board seats. It costs US$1000 for a one-year membership and US$2000 for a 4-year membership.

Every investor will be charged a fraction of the cost to set up a SPV (special purpose vehicle) to syndicate investments from all investors who chose to invest in a particular startup. The cost of maintaining an SPV is S$1200 per year. If 5 investors syndicate to invest in a startup, that cost will be divided by 5 regardless the sum invested. Upon exit (which is decided by the group of investors involved), a 10% carry will go to she1K Global Pte Ltd as a way to sustain our operations.

We welcome male corporate executives of more than 15 years industry experience and angel investor to enjoy the benefits of  the she1K  syndicate. Your profile will be featured on our angel investor page. The difference is the majority of our members are female corporate executives.

You will be joining as an angel investor, subject to our review of your experience and profile.  The corporate executive page is reserved for women executives who have more than 15 years experience working at large corporates with more than 5000 employees globally.

We believe in working closely with the eco-system and not re-inventing the wheel. Hence partnerships are very important to us. VCs, accelerators. Startup communities and our members refer us startups. she1K is one of the judges of Singapore’s largest startup competition, Slingshot and is often invited to judge other startup competitions.

she1K  is highly focused on startup engagement and angel investing. Hence the opportunities to meet in person are currently revolved around private pitch nights (twice bi-monthly). In 2020, we will organize more workshops and executive lunches. Corporate executives will also be invited to our partner programs with Antler and invited to speak at our flagship events – WomenChangemakers and she1Kclub, etc.

We welcome corporate sponsorships. By sponsoring S$3000 for a year, you get to sponsor one senior female executive to our network. As with other members, she can choose to be as involved as she prefers. She would be able to angel invest in her personal capacity to syndicate with our other investors or just participate in our advisor program. If she is C-suite with more than 20 years experience, she can be recommended to sit on boards of our portfolio startups (subject to fit and acceptance by startups). Corporates can also sponsor 3 executives with S$5000. Corporate brand logos will be featured on our website.

Corporate women must have more than 15 years of industry experience in reasonably large corporates. If they are not C-suite or shoulder significant  regional responsibilities, they will join as professional members. C-suite executives with more than 20 years of industry experience will join as executive members. Men and angel investors will be featured on the angel investor page and not on the corporate women network page.
All members can choose to be active or passive and/or anonymous.