"Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

Our individual membership comprises executive, professional and angel investors (both male and female). For organizations we have corporate patrons.

Executive, Professional, Angel investor

There are a lot of ways to get involved with the she1K community. You can choose how you want to give back and contribute to the pool. 

A US$1000 individual contribution to the pool is valid for a year and a US$2000 individual contribution is valid for 4 years.

Members can opt to be as active, passive or anonymous.

Corporate patrons

Give back to more startups. Join she1K’s mission to rally 1K corporate executive women globally and help scale smart startups.

A US$3000 contribution goes to the pool for funding startups.

A US$5000 contribution goes to our investment pool plus the company sponsors 2 senior executive women to join our network for a year.


The minimum requirement for Executive membership is 20 years of corporate experience, mostly in multinationals with a track record in country or regional functional leadership roles.


The minimum requirement for Professional membership is 15 years of corporate experience, mostly in multinationals with a consistent industry

Angel Investor​

There is no
minimum requirement for angel investors.
Both male
and female aspiring
and seasoned angel investors

can join
as members

Corporate Patron​

Joining as a corporate patron means companies get to impact more startups, nominate their own corporate executive women and help champion entrepreneurship.

What members can expect

Executive, Professional, Angel investor

Corporate patrons

she1k Plus is a member-exclusive platform where members can  

• Contact members 
• Access exclusive content
• Watch private pitch recordings
• Rate and feedback startups
• And so much more… 

Angel investing

Angel investing is different from investing in stocks, real estates, bonds, and other financial instruments. Angel investing empowers you to grow your knowledge of the latest innovations or outside your core industry and learn from your startup founders. 
Valuation gains may enjoy significant multiples that exceed other instruments, but it will also have its corresponding risk of losing all of your sum invested. Angel investing is not compulsory and there is no judgment involved if you do not angel invest as a member. 
We will regularly organize sharing sessions featuring experienced angel investors.

Ways to invest through she1K

1. Directly to a startup
2. Syndicate with a few other she1K members by setting up an SPV
3. Pool membership fees to invest as she1K
An SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) is set up if the startups prefer the agreement to be made as a single entity. Otherwise, she1K and/or each participating member may execute a direct agreement with the startup. Any angel investing decision made by any member is at their own risk. she1K is not liable for the success or failure of startups as members will choose to invest individually or as a group.

Join the movement

We are rallying 1000 corporate women across the globe from different industries to synergize with startups and build a community fostering entreprenurship and innovation.  

Your referral is highly valued

Refer to the requirements specified at the top of the page and email the LinkedIn profile of your referee(s) to vip@she1k.com.
If there are startups you would like to refer to us, please invite them to submit at she1K.com/pitch.

Got Questions?

Send us an email at vip@she1k.com or
you can drop us a message here