Be part of the Founding Team at she1K

Unique Opportunity

This is a unique one-time offer to onboard 10 founding investors at she1K to pool together funds to invest in startups and get a stake of she1K Global Pte Ltd.

This participation will strengthen she1K’s attractiveness as an angel network and back its flagship C-shark Tank program. It gives us better access to startup investments around the world with a committed pool.

she1K business model

Since our inception, end 2018, our mission has been to rally corporate executives around the world to empower, fund and board startups. We syndicate angel investments to take most of the heavy lifting off time-starved corporate executives and enable peer learning and meaningful engagements with startups. This includes pre-investment due diligence and post-investment tracking of progress with portfolio companies, sharing reports to investors.

Source of revenue

  • Membership dues
  • 10% carried interest on portfolio investments
  • Sweat equity
  • Commission on fundraising or referral fee
  • C-shark Tank program fees (covers program costs)

What we have achieved

Purpose of fundraise

This is a one-time offer to the first batch of investors. An SPV will be set up to host this investment for a specific purpose.

The main purpose is to back our flagship series C-shark Tank. C-sharks are corporate executives who have been in corporate for more than 15 years in senior positions. C-shark Tank is a unique program where current and former corporate executives commit cash upfront to participate in the program and are allowed to top up further within 7 days of selecting the final top 3 startups. C-shark Tank is generally targeted at nascent angel investors to initiate their journey into angel investing and to benefit from a network of like-calibred peers.

What will founding funders get?

she1K Pioneer Fund

0.2% stake of she1K Global Pte Ltd

Join any phase of C-shark Tank Season 3 to 6 without upfront or fees

Portfolio of 8-12 startups in diverse sectors within a 16 month period

With a minimum of S$50,000 committed to investments, 10 founding funders will each get a 0.2% stake of she1K Global Pte Ltd with an additional sum of S$5,600. In other words, S$50,000 goes directly into investing in startups through the SPV exclusively set up for this founding round. The sum of S$5,600 supports SPV set up and maintenance costs, program and other operational costs of she1K.

How will the investment pool be applied?

C-shark Tank takes place 3 times a year online. There is potential to sub-license the concept to other locations or verticals or corporate ventures.

With a pool of S$500,000 from 10 founding funders, S$100,000 will be used to back each season of C-shark Tank, namely Season 3 to 6. At each season, $100,000 will be awarded to the top 3 of each season of C-shark Tank (or the founding team may decide to allocate only to 2 of the top 3). The allocation will be decided by the founding funders team.

S$100,000 of the $500,000 will be allocated to support adhoc investments outside of the C-shark Tank program at the discretion of she1K team.

The founding funders SPV will be listed as the shareholder in the Top 3 startups per C-shark Tank season. Each of the 10 investor members can still top up in any finalists as any other C-shark in their individual name.

Any fees for the SPV?

We do not charge any management fee but there will be a carried interest* of 10% upon exit.

Upon exit, there will be a one-off cost relating to handling the legal and corporate secretarial cost which will be charged to the investors accordingly on a pro-rata basis.

Our fee structure is more affordable than the typical fees of investing in a VC fund where it is the usual 2/20 model – 2% annual management fee + 20% carried interest.

*Carried interest is a share of the profit of an investment that is paid to the managers of the investment.

What’s the return?

Investing in startup companies is a risky business, but it can be very rewarding if the investments do pay off. Most new companies or products do fail so the risk of losing one’s entire investment is a real possibility. The ones that do make it, however, can produce very high returns on investment.

By participating in a syndicated pool and holding a diversified portfolio, the risks involved are mitigated more effectively.

By owning 0.2% of she1K, you will also enjoy gains from future exits of she1K’s current portfolio prior to your investment.

Fund transfer

Factoring COVID considerations, we are allowing funds transfer in tranches. This fund will start to back effective Season 3 of C-shark Tank.

Upon sign up – $5,600 to she1K Global Pte Ltd (this is non-refundable)

1st   transfer – $25,600* Aug 2020
2nd transfer – $15,000 Nov 2020
3rd  transfer – $15,000 Jan 2021

*Includes a non-refundable deposit of $5,600 which will be paid to she1K Global Pte Ltd for 0.2% shareholding after completion of all 3 transfers. In the event the 3 transfers are not completed, the deposit will be forfeited.

Failure to complete all transfers will result in giving up your stake in both she1K Global Pte Ltd and the SPV. You may sell your share in the SPV – subject to approval by she1K – of the individual you are selling to.

How is she1K different from other networks and/or funds?

  • Unique positioning : members and investors bear a corporate pedigree
  • Structured program spanning global with clear cycles and process
  • Lower than market average carried interest of 10%
  • Exposure to wide range of sectors – industry and gender agnostic
  • Tailored advisory team set up for all portfolio companies
  • Established and continually expanding leverage of broader network of VCs, accelerators, startup ecosystem opinion leaders, subject matter experts, corporate ventures