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Applications are open for the next private pitch

What we're looking for

company formed

team established


proof of concept

What we expect

Having a solid startup is just one thing. What will speed up your she1K journey is a compelling video pitch and pitch deck that will get you closer to our network of corporate executive women, angel investors, and partners. 

Pitch Deck

Make sure to include all the details about your startup. It will help our members understand your business better.

  • Problem Statement - Describe the issue/problem you’re addressing.
  • Market - What is the problem, why does it exist, and how big is the opportunity?
  • Proposed solution - Your value proposition: how you solve this problem faster, cheaper, and smarter.
  • Business Model - How do you make money? Who pays, how much, and from where?
  • Customer/User - Who are they and how many do you have?
  • Go-to-market strategy - How do you plan to deliver your product or service to your customers and achieve a competitive advantage?
  • Demo/Proof-of-concept - Demo/mockup and details of how that went.
  • Competitor analysis - Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current and potential competitors.
  • Financial Overview - What are the expected revenues, expenses, and EBITDA 3 years out? How long will this round’s cash last?
  • Funding Required - Your ask, how much do you need, and how you're going to spend it.
  • Product Road-up or Milestones - What is your vision for the future, measured in milestones for the next 3 years?
  • Team Info - Who is behind your team? Include their credentials and why they’re fit for the job.
  • Legal Status - Where are you incorporated? Are you planning to relocate some or all of your team?

Video Pitch

We don’t just invest in startups, we invest in people. Your video pitch will help us learn more about the people behind your startup. 

  • Introduce your team, tell us their role in your startup and their background.
  • Tell us your story, share with us the problem you’re solving and the solution you’re building.
  • If you can demo your product or service, even better! It will help our members and angel investors better understand your product.
  • Tell us your “WHY”.
  • If you want to include some highlights from your pitch deck, please do, but it's not necessary. Our members will still see your pitch deck.

Startup journey

she1K as an entity will take a 1% sweat equity for every startup that we invest in. It will be invested back to the pool for future startups. 

Every investment cycle, she1K can accommodate 6-8 startups for each private pitch. 

We review pitch submissions on a rolling basis. Startups who qualify for the next private pitch will receive a notification via email.

The next private pitch will happen on the 1st week of April

90% of startups fail

Why? Most startups lack good business domain mentorship in marketing, finance, and operations and industry-specific insights and championship. These, on top of other key reasons, bring a startup to failure.

she1K network is created to close this gap. The she1K network is not only here to help you raise funds, but champion your growth.

Our network of experienced senior executives comes from different industries and functional areas of excellence. They offer value that is unparalleled by other networks.

Apply by submitting a video pitch today.*

*Submitted video pitches will be evaluated by our council and network members. Only qualified ones will be posted on our startups page.

Sample video pitch. Check the full guidelines here.

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Are you ready?

Applications are on a rolling basis. Accepted video pitches will be featured on our portfolio page.

Startups that are not accepted will receive an email notification.

Please make sure it follows our guidelines above.
Upload a PDF version of your pitch deck using Google drive, generate a shareable link, and paste it here