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A drone solutions company with a core focus in confined spaces. They empower companies to conduct non-invasive inspections in confined and GPS-denied spaces, protecting both man and infrastructure.


Stratificare develops and manufactures IVD (In-Vitro Diagnostics) assay solutions for personalized medicine. StratifiCare features a panel of biomarkers which are able to determine the progress of dengue fever.

New York

Farmshelf makes it easy for restaurants and hotels to grow their own leafy greens and herbs in an attention-getting, compact, on-site installation. They make hydroponic growing systems that are both beautiful and functional.


Kibus is the world’s first home appliance that cooks and serves healthy pet food automatically, taking away the hassle of timely preparation and feeding of pets.

United Kingdom

ZuBlu is the leading dive travel platform to search, compare and book scuba diving and underwater adventure travel in Asia. With over 250+ eco-friendly resorts and liveaboards to choose from, guests can travel green while exploring the big blue.


Advantir launched the patent-pending Swirl.GOTM soft serve capsule system, the world’s first system that creates premium quality soft serve ice cream (i.e "Nespresso/ Keurig" for frozen desserts).

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