Canscan empowers ports and terminal operators to automate their container inspection processes by offering an automated shipping container inspection augmented intelligence system, making container terminal operations safer and more efficient as they become less manual and laborious. 

The company applies machine vision algorithms to analyse and identify problematic containers transiting into or through a terminal and send the information back to the client; this greatly streamlines the checkers’ work. Instead of looking for container defects and damaged cargo visually, they can remotely identify which containers need to be checked more closely and help the workforce focus on defective containers. Since Canscan makes use of cloud-based AI technology, the equipment is agnostic and highly adaptable. 


Founded in 2018, Canscan’s is currently operating in the maritime shipping industry with most of its clients being port authorities and private port terminal operators – customers include the Port Authority of Montreal, Port Authority of Halifax and HHLA. In addition, Canscan plans to expand their use cases beyond maritime ports and into rail-lines, container and trucking depots.