Singapore-based startup, Crust, is on a mission to reduce global food waste by 1% by 2020 by turning leftover bread into sustainable booze. A former navy, the founder is a self-taught brewer who experimented with brewing in his own home. 

Crust has been collaborating with food companies, taking inspiration from them to produce uniquely Singapore flavours. Its products include Kaya Toast Stout (The 1925 Brewing Co.), Mango (Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks), Beerguette (Tiong Bahru Bakery) and the King’s IPA (Edible Garden City). 

Each batch has its unique flavour depending on the batch of surplus bread used. When there is more crusts than the softer inside parts, the beer brews to a sweeter taste.

Crust will be exploring other beverages in the future, such as spirits, tonics and sodas. It hopes to expand its footprint out of Singapore and produce exclusive products in each local market. As of November 2020, Crust has given a lease of life to 344kg of bread.