Due to increasingly tightening restrictions surrounding industrial effluent and industrial wastewater disposal, there is a need for sustainable technologies to reduce waste, turn waste into value-added products and eliminate the environmental impact of polluting industries. However, despite the wide variety and availability of decontamination technologies, majority are complex, costly and/or inefficient. 

This is where Ecoworth Tech steps in – founded in 2016, Ecoworth Tech focuses on waste-to-worth solutions for industrial wastewater treatment with their Carbon Fiber Aerogel (CFA) technology. CFA is a super-absorbent, low cost, non-toxic, natural and sustainable material, with an extremely high affinity for organic materials that actively repels water and it will be incorporated into industrial-grade cartridges and used as filters. As such, Ecoworth Tech’s CFA technology is poised to transform the market, as it not only provides solutions to key issues companies are facing but also new benefits around recuperation of the material and sustainability in an ultra-efficient, cost effective and reusable manner. 

In addition, Ecoworth Tech has been granted exclusive rights from NTUitive to manufacture CFA and develop applications for it. They will also be developing foreground intellectual property (IP), specifically the integration of CFA into treatment equipment and the recuperation of absolved organics. This will complement their IP portfolio and strengthen the Ecoworth’s IP position.