Fortuna Cools was founded in 2018 with the aim to provide an environmentally friendly solution for insulated packaging. Currently, the insulated packaging market is dominated by polluting plastic products. 

As such, Fortuna Cools has developed an environmentally friendly cooler using coconut husk fiber. This helps reduce carbon emissions and saves landfills and oceans as well. Besides, the coconut husks not only keep food fresh but also provides new sources of income for coconut farmers. In addition, Fortuna Cools was able, through R&D, to optimise the holding and size for the husk material; they now have a provision patent pending for their coconut fiber insulation. Fortuna Cools will be targeting the Filipino seafood industry as their first target segment – the Philippines ranks 8th in the world among leading fishing countries, with a total annual production of around 4.7 million metric tons of fishery products. They are also looking at extending their B2B customer outreach to Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

As of now, Fortuna Cools has raised funds from Nardo holdings Limited, Amalgated Investment Bancorporation and Pasudeco Corp.