Kibus is like a Nespresso for your pet. Kibus automatically cooks and serves healthy pet food in less than 6 minutes using multi-dose capsules of human-grade dehydrated food. The device can either be manually activated or programmed on a specific feeding schedule.

All pet owners need to do is create the pet profile and once a week, fill the water tank and introduce a new multi-dose capsule. During feeding, pet food and water is automatically served with a sound to warn the pet.

Kibus’s multi-dose capsule contains human-grade meats, fruits and vegetables which are dehydrated for a longer shelf-life (>1 year) and keep the nutrients and flavours of the fresh ingredients through a minimally processed production.

Kibus empowers pet owners to feed their pets on a healthy and natural diet in a convenient way and studies have shown that a minimally processed diet improves pet digestion, energy level, skin and weight control.

Kibus was founded in 2016 by Albert Icart, Albert Homs and Marta Arisa who, together, have deep experience spanning a range of fields including sales and marketing, international treasury, strategy consulting and good knowledge of the pet food industry.