Lilu empowers new mums through their postpartum journey with the first hands-free pumping bra with in-built breast massage. Classified as a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Class 1 medical device, the in-built patented pneumatic massage technology helps mothers produce 30% more milk whilst alleviating pain.

Adriana Vázquez was motivated to help working mothers after witnessing her coworkers struggling from their maternity leave return. She founded Lilu in 2016 together with Sujay Suresh Kumar while they were pursuing their Masters at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Lilu plans to release version 2.0 to offer a greater variety of cup sizes, including petite ones for the Asian market. Currently available on its website, Lilu is working to establish relationships with hospitals and boutique maternity stores to benefit more mothers.

Investors of Lilu include Hax (hardware investment arm of SOSV, a global venture capital firm providing multi-stage investments), Quake Capital (an early stage venture capital fund in New York, named by Forbes to be the second most active investor in female founders) and WeWork.