Nido Robotics helps oil & gas companies, shipowners, fish farmers perform underwater inspection, maintenance and research through “Underwater Robots as a Service”. Its semi-autonomous drones optimize remote inspections without putting human lives at risk.

Roy Torgersen was inspired to develop a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to facilitate underwater inspection at extreme conditions during his search expedition for the SS Dakota airplane in 2012. Currently, it has two ROVs, the Sibiu Nano+ and Sibiu Pro. They are battery operated and can achieve a maximum depth of 300 metres. With network connection, the ROVs can be controlled offsite. The solution is coupled with an online analytics platform that allows users to mark out points of interest (e.g. cracks and damages) during the underwater inspection and input additional information. A detailed report is generated within minutes to increase the efficiency of problem rectification, compared to the 2 days required by traditional human inspections. 

Founded in 2016, Nido Robotics has sold over 200 robots out in use in the AquaCulture and Maritime industries. The team is eager to achieve greater heights and is working towards its third ROV, a fully autonomous robot that will function like the “Tesla of the sea”.  Nido Robotics is pivoting towards a leasing and/or service model to make frequent inspections more affordable and flexible.