Open Ocean Camera (OOCAM) offers a robust AI-integrated camera solution for marine researchers to collect and analyse marine data much faster and at a fraction of the existing solution’s (GoPro) cost. Its goal is to become the world’s largest provider of industrial and marine image collection and analytics systems. 

Unlike GoPro, which lasts for just three days on a single charge and has limited operating modes, OOCAM’s fit-for-purpose hardware is designed with a four-week battery life and 145 different shooting modes commanded using a mobile app. The camera is durable up to 150 metres underwater. The custom AI module is trained with over 100,000 images donated by National Geographic and LAMAVE Institute. It extracts and processes images automatically, reducing post-processing time from 174 hours to 2 hours.

OOCAM was founded in 2019 by Sidhant Gupta, a young and passionate serial entrepreneur who holds a Guinness World Record for building the world’s fastest robotic fish. Sidhant is looking to bring OOCAM beyond marine research, into the fisheries industry.