Re-nuble was founded in 2011 by Tinia Pina, a huge environmentalist with a mission to redefine food waste within urban communities. Tinia grew up in Virginia where healthy food is widely available. When she made the move to New York to begin her career, she was perplexed by the inaccessibility of fresh food in urban cities, which is the cause of the many health epidemics in the United States. This led her to create a sustainable closed-loop agricultural system to provide accessible and affordable organic produce to urban families. 

With New York City alone spending $180 million annually to deal with food waste, Re-nuble steps in to divert this food waste from the landfills into organic fertilisers, that can be used in indoor hydroponic farms. Taking food waste from food distributors and processors, Re-nuble’s patent-pending nutrient delivery system produces fertilisers that are 2x more cost-effective than current market offerings. Its solution is a better alternative to synthetic fertilisers which emit a considerable amount of carbon pollution when manufactured. Urban soilless farmers can now grow organic product more efficiently with Re-nuble’s fertilisers. 

Re-nuble plans to solidify its customer base in New York before expanding to the West Coast. Its vision is to help cities across the US grow local, organic food in a circular economy format.