StratifiCare has developed the world’s first prognostic test to predict the risk of Severe Dengue complications accurately. This enables hospitals to conclude a simple yes/no for hospitalisation at early stages of infection, potentially increasing efficiency of bed allocation at hospitals for emergency care.

StratifiCare uses state-of-the-art biomarkers-based immunoassay test with unparalleled accuracy (90% sensitivity; 91% specificity) and detects the risk of Severe Dengue on day 1 of hospital visit.

The company plans to release a point-of-care test (POCT) kit, putting it into the hands of consumers in remote locations, without the need for a testing lab. A POCT complemented by telemedicine can further help to reduce the financial burden on families and payers, where distance is a challenge.

StratifiCare was founded in 2015 by Anthony Chua, Keith Chong, Tiffany Lin and Mary Ng who, together, have deep experience spanning a range of fields including med-tech, product commercialization, consulting and compliance.

Early investors include Enterprise Singapore and Ministry of Health Singapore.