Strong Room is an Australian-based MedTech startup that optimizes medical workflow through the use of AI facial recognition technology to reduce adverse drug events.

In Australia, pharmacies are penalized with fines or license suspensions in the event of mal dispensing of controlled drugs. Pharmacists are burdened with a massive load of paperwork, making drug administration a time-consuming process. Strong Room’s dispensing software comprises an AI-automated patient verification using facial recognition technology, patient alerts and a stock management system. This saves every pharmacist an hour each day from paperwork, enabling them to channel more time towards patient care. 

Strong Room was founded in 2017 by a team of passionate then-undergrads, Max Mito, Kieran Start and Christopher Durre. With them on their team is Sadi Vural, with over 15 years of experience in AI technology. The team is currently developing a 3D facial mapping technology which leverages on the power of facial recognition to diagnose chronic conditions through facial biomarkers. They are in the midst of conducting clinical trials with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Trust and Monash University.

Earlier investors of Strong Room include Artesian Capital and Social Impact Capital. The startup hopes to bring their solution across to aged care homes, clinics and hospitals to increase efficiency and care among the medical community.