WaveScan provides an end-to-end electromagnetics-based smart sensor system for the built environment. Its non-contact sensors promote a proactive approach to inspection and maintenance. The sensors can be integrated with multi-modality including with unmanned autonomous robotic systems and drones for remote inspection of difficult-to-access locations.

The IoT-based sensors use beamforming electromagnetic techniques to scan structures and its associated software platform can identify the surface defects and embedded anomalies. Users can interact with the results, analyse and tag defects that will be saved on a centralized cloud-based database for tracking.

WaveScan is the product of a decade long research at A*STAR (Singapore), which successfully miniaturised bulky scanners into portable lightweight devices without compromising on their resolution and accuracy. It was founded in 2018 by Kush Agarwal, and has gained recognition winning the Urban Solutions category of SLINGSHOT Singapore, the VINCI Challenge at VIVATECH in 2019, Top 10 startups in the CEMEX startup competition and most recently, the SMU Lee Kuan Yew Business Plan Challenge.

WaveScan has received grants from Enterprise Singapore, A*STAR and ST Engineering. Having completed 6 proof-of-concept trials with notable companies in the infrastructure and oil & gas space, WaveScan is now preparing for full commercial rollout.