she1K's inaugural "Shark Tank"-like pitch event

Touted the world’s first corporate executive angel syndicate, she1K launched the first-of-its-kind C-shark Tank program in 2020. C-shark Tank was conceived to encourage more corporate executives (especially females) to invest smart capital in startups.

Live in Singapore

With the generosity of our venue sponsors, we gathered an entire village of 20 startups, 60 jury members and 23 C-sharks in Singapore.

Total funding

The Top 3 startups nabbed more than Half a Million Dollars in funding. More than 50% of the C-sharks topped up the initial investment pool, reaching more than double of what they committed upfront prior to the event.


C-sharks' venture into the startup scene

23 corporate executives participated as C-sharks (70% females). For many, it was a first in engaging startups. The C-sharks benefited from peer learning through a full day of structured evaluation process.

Jury members gave their expert opinions

Jury members comprising of VCs, accelerators, corporate ventures and startup mentors assisted to shortlist 12 finalists from 20 startups.

One day before the actual C-shark Tank, 5 VCs and 5 domain experts from diverse sectors prepped the 12 finalists for their pitch to the C-sharks. 

Our first startup cohort

Working with our outreach partners, we attracted startups from a healthy mix of sectors ranging from medtech to edtech, fintech, logistics and sustainability. 35% of the startups came from outside Singapore.

Outreach Partners

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