Proceeded online despite Covid-19

Slated to be held in New York City, Season 2 was taken completely online unabated, demonstrating our corporate executives’ commitment in supporting startups. 

Enhancements from Season 1


Takeaways by our second cohort of startups

Top 3 finalists

Jury testimonials

70+ jury members joined in Season 2, divided into 4 sessions across 3 timezones. Each session lasted 3 hours where the jury listened to 4-min pitch and engaged in 10-min of Q&A with each of the startups.

C-sharks testimonials

Season 2 featured 31 C-sharks, 8 more than in Season 1. 

Season 1
Season 2

The C-sharks had an intensive yet meaningful discussion over Zoom, with majority expressing interests to return for Season 3.

Outreach Partners

Not forgetting our growing network of outreach partners, we were able to reach out to numerous potential startups through them.

VC in Jury