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12 April, 2021

C-shark Tank Sustainability Season 4 raised more than $650,000

Ran totally online, C-shark Tank, just wrapped its 4th season after the 1st held on Feb 20, 2020 awards funding to 5 SUSTAINABILITY startups.

April 12, 2021, Singapore – Touted the world’s first global corporate executive angel syndicate with 80% female representation, she1K announced Top 3 startups that tapped into an investment pool by 39 executives who participated as C-sharks. With Season 4, more than 80 executives would have participated at least once as angel investors. C-sharks, who are corporate executives with more than 15 years industry experience at global MNCs, commit cash upfront without knowing which startups would be pitching to them. They would then top up further within a week after the final 3 were selected.

Season 4 is all about sustainability 

Season 4, unlike previous seasons, was a unique season as it spotlights on sustainability. For the first time, an additional stage was introduced where 36 sustainability startups from Europe, USA and Asia pitched directly to 100 corporate sustainability experts from global brands. The Corporate Sustainability Challenge was backed by Cargill, HP, Procter & Gamble, Bollore Logistics, Marina Bay Sands, CDL, Fonterra, McCormick and Dole. All corporate supporters shared their sustainability problem statements, which can be found at she1K.com/sustainourfuture, but the startups pitched to more than 80 brands by sector in 7 separate sessions.
HP’s award of $10,000 for best fit to HP sustainability challenge went to Mi Terro, a sustainability startup which upcycles agricultural waste to replace plastic in packaging for almost any industry.
The final stage is purely for fundraising where 9 sustainability startups get a 33% chance of getting funded through engaging 39 C-sharks. The top 3 winners were picked from 9 finalists from diverse sectors from Singapore, India, Australia, Switzerland and Indonesia.
The unanimous feedback from startups was the intensity of pitching to and clusterdating with 39 C-suite executives in a single program and the level of questions that were posed by the C-sharks who were well prepared by pre-reading the evaluation reports prepared by she1K. youtube.com/she1Kglobal
A smaller subset of C-sharks opted to back 2 more startups, namely GAIA FOODS from Singapore and STRONG ROOM from Australia, out of the 9.
“Investing in sustainability is a long game. Quoting one of our C-sharks, “this is the first time I need to think of investing in the future of my children, rather than pure return on investment.”, says Christina Teo, Chief Builder of she1K.

Season 4 Results – Top 3 winners

WAVESCAN – Singapore

WaveScan is an A*STAR spin-off company specializing in the R&D of disruptive beam-forming electromagnetics based smart sensor systems and advanced AI algorithms. Our proprietary technology builds upon nearly a decade-long R&D on microwave & millimeter-wave wireless sensors and is capable of high-resolution 4D sensing for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications. Smart sensor systems, integrable with autonomous vehicles, along with a centralized AI-enabled analytics solution, are the future of active inspection systems for sustaining resilient infrastructure. At WaveScan, we envision safer, productive & livable cities by creating a predictive maintenance ecosystem through data-driven standardization of inspection processes.

NIDO ROBOTICS – Singapore, Spain, Chile

Nido Robotics designs and manufactures underwater drones to perform inspection, maintenance and research more efficiently and affordably, without putting human lives at risk. With a roadmap to full autonomy and AI-powered remote control, Nido Robotics aims to be the uber for underwater works.


Greenpod Labs uses natural plant extracts to activate the inbuilt defense mechanism that slows down the ripening rate, this minimizing microbial growth to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. This will save immense food produce wastage throughout the value chain from farm to retailer.

How does C-shark Tank program work?

Each startup pitched for 4 minutes, followed by 10 mins of Q & A. Unlike most other pitch events, Q & A is LIVE and not pre-recorded. The engagement is intense. Additionally, Top 9 startups get coached on their business proposition, model and scalability with deep dive sessions. An evaluation report is compiled about each of the top 9 as material for C-sharks to study before their sessions. Following 2 halfdays of pitching, there were 2 half days of “cluster-dating” with the startups in smaller groups. C-sharks then convene in a war room to make the final TOP 3 choices to fund.




About she1K

she1K aims at rallying 1000 corporate executives to pool together funds to invest in early startups that are industry and gender agnostic, globally. she1K syndicates angel investments through a structured C-shark Tank program with a clear upfront commitment of funding from C-suite executives who can leverage economies of scale in peer learning and investing, and continuous future support to startups. Effective August 2019, she1K is backed by Enterprise Singapore. she1K.com


Christina Teo | Chief Community Builder, she1K Global 

Mobile : +65 87504768 | email : chris@she1K.com