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April 2019 Investment Cycle

North America and
Europe Startups

All Eyes


All Eyes is democratising the current monopoly on trend forecasting. Only 2% of the market is currently being served - largely because of the extortionate pricing of existing services. Our affordable pricing can open up the whole market, which at £10/user/month, has a market potential of £480m/year in fashion alone.


United States

Cardiomo is a wearable cardiac monitor with an AI engine to deliver real-time, actionable insights enabling early warning system for heart diseases. The solution provides real-time and remote continuous cardiac monitoring, which is used for both preventive care and to reduce hospital admissions and re-admissions.​


United States

Inline is redefining wholesale operations to automate, digitize and expedite previously manual, time-intensive and costly processes in initially fashion, and soon broader durable goods industries. By providing brands/buyers the ability to easily and affordably digitize wholesale operations, users will be able to conduct data driven appointments and grow business.

Holiday Sitters​


Holiday Sitters is so much more than traditional, transactional babysitting, it's about giving parents the flexibility they need to keep their life in balance and the freedom to pursue any life opportunities that come their way.




TalentTribe is an online career platform for millennial jobseekers to get an inside look into different companies and careers. We are building Job Portal 2.0 that's reimagined for the needs of a new generation of jobseekers: Providing the information that millennials seek. Data-driven matching. And getting to the ultimate fit.​

Real Estate Docs


Real Estate Doc (RED), is a frontend enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for commercial and retail real estate business, for lease and space management. RED digitalises paper-based processes, translating the data into insightful analytics and automating processes to maximise revenue generation. The platform also feeds real time information into existing real estate backend accounting systems seamlessly.​



OMNA is a synchronisation platform, that connects e-commerce store and marketplaces. Users can manage their products, prices, inventory and orders on all channels in one APP.​



Wika breaks language barriers by allowing people to watch movies, TV shows, and videos, in their own language.Wika delivers companion content—dub tracks, subtitles, captions, sign language, commentaries, etc.—thru Wika's app, smartglass, and/or set-top box.



Changing the hair industry with personalised haircare for better hair, for greater personal confidence for both men and women.​

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