Celebrating women in strength​

WomenChangemakers is a one-of-a-kind experiential event where C-level women executives talk candidly about the biggest personal changes they went through, and the impact it made on their lives.

What we believe in

WomenChangemakers is premised on these core values.


Executive women share authentic personal change stories as role models.  


Through stories, we inspire people at all stages to find their purpose and to develop the passion to achieve their goals.


Making new connections and sharing insights ensures we are constantly open to learning. To be successful, we must empower others as much as self.

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What attendees
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What speakers
say about WomenChangemakers?

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Upcoming Event

WomenChangemakers #8

Join us on Apr 29th and discover the change journeys of 6 panelists, through the eyes of relationships. From a husband-wife relationship to friendship to brief encounter with a stranger… Anything can happen. 

A special offer for each female attendee to bring a male guest at 50% off (limited to one per female attendee). DINNER AND WINE INCLUDED.

April 29, 2019, at 360 Lounge, 138 Robinsons Road. Registration starts by 6:30 PM.


Nichapat Ark
Openspace Ventures

Thailand Coverage

Jo Flint

Managing Director - Global Agencies & Partners APAC

Sarah McKensey
Johnson & Johnson

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Asia Pacific

Su Peng Yau
Berjaya Corporation

Director, Retail and Innovation

Eileen Chia
SPH Magazines

Publisher - Her World

Prerna Suri



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Women we admire

“I feel I have a special opportunity- and a responsibility- to build something representative of the innovation, creativity, and technology of our times.”

Zhang Xin
Co-founder, CEO
SOHO China